Life’s Great Journeys

Things happen to us whether we want them to or not.  All we can do is choose how we get through that journey…we will either overcome it or it will overcome us.

I have been challenged with some of the craziest of journeys this last year.  The year of 2008 is definitely a turning point for my life!  I have learned that God has made me a very strong woman and I need to make sure that I never forget that!  I cannot get through this journey without him…this is definitely not something I can do alone!  Not only is this the biggest, most draining, stressful journey I have ever been on…it is also the longest! 

My journey started to really take off February 2008 and will end around the end of December 2008 possibly the first of 2009.  I am planning to have a party to celebrate my journey has ended and I have overcome the trials and struggles of this journey.  I have quite a few months left in my journey and I know that I will have struggles that will be hard to get through…there will be times that I want to give up and times that I don’t want to keep smiling!  The thing that I must remember is that I can overcome whatever God throws my way because God never gives you more then you can handle!

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