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When you think about it, no one really goes by the old saying:  “Don’t judge a book by its cover”.  The way that the world views the person that they are talking to in a relationship, a stranger, a friend, or family members it is all the same…something about the outside of them is what draws that person in!  You see someone and want to meet them: Why?  Because there is something about them that appeals to you and you are drawn to them.  It may be their laughter, but inside they are so sad.  It may be their confident appearance, but inside they may be depressed or shallow.  It also may be their smile and they really are happy or filled with joy!  The way that someone appears to you is the whole reason why conversations even get started either with the person or about that person.  Perception is an individual outlook on life, people, things, morals and beliefs.  No two people perceive anything the same.  When you look at someone, for example, you see them as being beautiful and someone else may see them as being ugly for the same reason that you see the beauty.  When it comes to beliefs there are many people that believe in the same things, but that is because in today’s society we are easily persuaded.  What today’s society needs to understand is that no one will ever look good, be right, or please everyone because of the simple fact that no two people have the same perception.

As far as religion goes with Christianity, there are so many because someone else interpreted the bible a different way.  When they read the words they took them more literally or less literally then others.  Religions also are really big on society.  When society changes the religions alter their belief system just a little.  What people believe has been extremely modified from the beginning of that so called religion.  No one from the bible is even still alive any more.  When we believe in the bible, we believe with faith because we trust that the perception of those who teach the word have a righteous perception of what is good for us as persons. 

When you like someone you can try and try to look the way that you think they want you to look, but you may never succeed.  The way that you think they want you to look and the way that they really want you to look can differ greatly.  It is hard to tell whether that person wants what they talk about or if they talk about that because that is what their friends like.  Tall, skinny, and beautiful are what today’s society tells us that men want in their woman.  What men really want is hard to say because all men are different.  Some men want thick legs, a butt, and hips.  The girls face really isn’t the object of their attraction.  To others it is eyes or lips or feet and the rest is just bonus.  Then there are those socially typical men that want what is said to be wanted. 


Even thought people don’t start out by the meaning of the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” doesn’t mean that it doesn’t end up that way for some.  When you meet some and when you get to know that person you can have two different perceptions of that one person.  It has also been said that first impressions mean everything.  That too can be true.  There are just two ways that this truth can go: good or bad.  You see if you act like yourself the first time that you meet someone then throughout the “getting to know” process they will still enjoy who you are and the friendship will blossom.  But if you try to impress them so you aren’t really yourself then there really is no reason to even pursue anything because the friendship or acquaintance was built on false conversation.  If you build a relationship on what is not true then you will have to either live out that lie every time that you are around that person or you have to change the story the next time you are around them.  This makes for a difficult relationship. 

Since this is all on perception one could say that all that has been said doesn’t matter because that is only one’s perception, which is true and whether this is taken in as something of wisdom or not is up to the person who reads it.

When you find happiness in your own perception you will find happiness in the perception of others.  Positivity of one’s self is more important to the perception of the rest of their out look on life than anything else.  To think that what you see is true and right will help you to enjoy what else comes your way.  You feel that your beliefs are filling you with what is good and not that which may stress, depress, or even disease you than that too is something that you can hold onto. 

Perception is something that causes much confusion in my life because you realize that what you say and what you do may not always end up the way that you think it should or that you intended it to.  What you do with your perception is what makes it good or bad.

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